Thursday, March 21, 2019

Conversations of Nanko and Konan :: Writing Education Communication Essays

Conversations of Nanko and KonanNanko Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nanko. Talking with me is my colleague and friend, Konan. register hello, Konan.Konan Hello, Konan. Nanko No, I blotto say hello to the reader. Konan Hello to the reader Nanko Perfect. Konan convey you. Nanko Prior to your arrival (your meaning you, the reader,) Konan and I were having a little discussion. In reality, I was doing all the discussing in this conversation because I was, to put it bluntly, sound off vigorously. Konan Most vigorously. Nanko Yes, thank you for the affirmation, Konan. As I was saying, my complaining was the reality of the discussion. What was the lawsuit of these incessant complaints, you might ask? An English professor from whom I am taking a course entitled Expository Writing. Konan Yes, that was the basis of your complaints. Nanko Of course, these complaints argon in no(prenominal)way directed at the professor himself. No, no, no. In fact, he seems like an affable man. Ra ther, these complaints relate to his latest engagement precondition to the students of his Expository Writing class. Konan I would concord to agree that you argon in no way slighting this particular professor, only his expectations held for you. Nanko Yes, I like the first half(a) of your statement, but what is meant by the latter half? Konan In saying expectations I refer to the assignment he has given you. Nanko You have confused me. By using the term expectations, do you mean the professors expectation that a news report will be handed-in to him on this little due date of December 16, and, if not, this composing will go eat up in its score with every late day thereafter? Or do you refer to a higher form of expectation, such as a teacher to a student and the process of learning and gaining familiarity through stimuli, created by the teacher, of thought? Konan I, uh, would have to agree. Nanko Let us interpret later to this now, let me tell of this assignment. This profes sor is asking for a paper written unlike any I, personally, have ever written before. He wants us, as writers, to do away with themewriting altogether and write in a different style or form. However, as you can see, I have started to panic. I have never written an essay or paper in any form other than themewriting. I have no idea where to begin, how to continue, or where to conclude.

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