Monday, March 25, 2019

Essay --

Marketing appeals to me because it is a field that that is always evolving to accommodate the needfully of the consumer. It is an industry that is always developing and I love the idea of cash advance and new discoveries. It is difficult to consider that just less than ten years ago, social media was non-mainstream now it is a universal phenomenon with Facebook attaining its billionth active substance abuser the preceding year. A few decades prior to this, television was discovered. Marketing embraces only of these new variations and uses them as a medium for communication. The influence of marketing and the design to which it helps form someones outlook on a blot or smart set is something which has captivated me for several years. Nonetheless, Marketing has progressed from a original practice into a form of psychology and both of these characteristics of the course fascinate me. It is for this reason I would love the opportunity to study marketing in depth at university.I c urrently work part period at Market Probe Ltd, an independent market research company based in London. I interview costumers over ...

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