Tuesday, March 26, 2019

International Law: Piracy, Law of the Sea, and Use of Force Essay examp

This paper will answer the four questions presented below1. What is the jurisdiction of the global Criminal Court oer plagiarism? 2. To what extent may European nations claim jurisdiction over acts of piracy committed off the honker of Africa?3. What international law enforcement co-operation mechanisms exist to assist in the investigation and pursuance of piracy committed in waters off the Horn of piracy? How these mechanisms assist in the investigation and prosecution of piracy?4. What barriers to successful prosecution of Somalia piracy exist?What is the jurisdiction of the world(prenominal) Criminal Court over piracy? Explain your answer.Piracy becomes maven of signifi groundworkt matters across regional, because the imperil of piracy attack, especially in the hot spot area as the Horn of Africa is still going up and causes a plenty of loss. As piracy acts as universal crime, so that universal jurisdiction essential be adapted to combat against piracy. Although, intern ational community attempts to cope with this growth by establishing mutual-operation, but the final step is to bring pirates into legal proceeding. somewhat other countries seem to have a limit within their avouch jurisdiction, so that piracy cases may not be prosecuted after they were captured. almost countries may reluctant to participate in this content as homogeneous as reluctant to co-operate with international community. Hence, the establishment of international court which can take responsible on this matter will be an special(a) option to solve a problem. International criminal court is one of another option that may reduce the conflicts in the case of piracy. The jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court can be explained under the capital of Italy of Statue which provides a p... ...nal of International fair play Rome Statue of International Criminal Court, undecided for signature 17 July 1998, A/CONF.183/9 (entered into force 1 July 2002)Totten, Christopher & Bernal, Matthew, Somali Piracy Jurisdictional Issues, Enforcement Problems and Potential Solutions (2010) 41(2) Georgetown Journal of International Law Thedwwall, Craig, Choosing the objurgate Yardarm Establishing an International Court for Piracy (2010) 41(2) Georgetown Journal of International Law Treves, Tullio, Piracy, Law of the Sea, and Use of Force Developments off the Coast of Somalia (2009) 20(2) The European Journal of International Law Very, Francois, African maritime Security A Time for candid Order at Sea (2010) 2(4) Australian Journal of Maritime and maritime Affairs http//treaties.un.org/Pages/ViewDetails.aspx?src=TREATY&mtdsg_no=XVIII-10&chapter=18&lang=en

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