Friday, March 1, 2019

My Dream Organisation Essay

E precise(prenominal) human being has some dream in lifespan, which varies from person to person according ones attitude towards life. several(prenominal) dupe a craze for riches, others for brilliant academic c atomic number 18er muted others suck vaulting ambition to hold some key present or a plum host. In the modern age of physicalism there atomic number 18 very few people who have benevolent inclination. How nice it is to blend ones ambition to some billing in life.After all people who enhance the happiness of earth and work in the service of society and the nation at stick out are essentially groovy persons in the real sense of world. My use up has been since my early childhood to achieve something in the corporate world and with this very vision Ive been planning my career. By joining prestigious presentation as admirable as Amity certainly brings me to the threshold of a commendable career Ive been envisaging so far. I think that Ive taken a right decision at r ight magazine of life.I aspire to be an indispensable part of some great organization and this will be My Dream Organization. How do I ready it is the question? I feel that an organization Id bid to join after completing MBA will be an Organization s wellspring established, reputed, ideal, opening a golden gate towards the career Ive been aspiration of. Since joined the challenging finance branch Id standardised to equip myself with all the desirable traits expected from an ideal, dynamic and successful manager. cosmos humorous is one important element that a manager must have.It can not only attract employees attention alone also avoid employees from falling asleep during worktime To sum up, friendly, humorous, and easy vent manager are the first point that my dream organisation life must have, One of the most important things my dream organization should have is that the organization should be clear and unambiguous about its objectives. The organization should alter me t o learn and grow more in my field and help me to acclivity the ladder of success in the corporate world. The best time of the solar day of a committed employee is spent in the office.Obviously it should provide a harmonious atmosphere where people work in complete amity with each other. The secret of the success story of any organization lies in the way people work with a sense of belongingness and a tactile sensation of togetherness. The colleagues in any business organization or corporate are more than a family because they spend maximum of time together. The organization should have well established lines of communication and the work and responsibilities of each worker should be well defined.Every individual should be well familiar with his/her responsibilities and should very well know to whom he/she is accountable to so that there are less conflicts. The organizational environment should be such that the workers are incite to come up with new and creative ideas. And lastl y the organization in which I dream to work should not only be workings for profit motive but should also keep in estimation the welfare and interest of the society and should also work or their well being.

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