Saturday, March 16, 2019

Television and Parents are Corrupting Our Youth :: Television TV Media

Television and Parents are Corrupting Our YouthWhat is the jump amour people usually do when they first go home? For many, draw for the recliner and grab the remote to see whats on television. Its a daily routine for most people. Since the invention of television, adverse cause such as obesity and increased violence in the ambition of television acts has been displayed in children. But who is to blame, the Television or the childrens parents? some would say that the parents are to blame. Others would blame the television. I blame both. The parents should monitor how overmuch and what their children view on television, but the television invented the v-chip, making the parents think that its ok that their kids stayed glued to the television.The v-chip was an invention placed into television sets to allow parents to end out what they dont think is appropriate for their children to watch (http// The parents indeed forget to monitor the amounts of televis ion their children watch because they were just worried that their kids aptitude see something naughty. The kids come in after school, grab a start of cookies and a soda, and theyre set for the rest of the afternoon. Before the parents know what stunner them, their children are fat and lazy. They just sit on the couch and much refuse to move. In my opinion, the television has been one of the reasons that children have become lessened as well. They are watching all of these different shows and mimicking what they see. For example, a dozen year old male child is watching Jackass unattended. Sure, it is a particular(a) show, but how will their parents react when they find out that their child has been killed by something they copied off of a TV show? Especially one authorize Jackass. Several cases as such have popped up since the show first premiered. In Albuquerque, New Mexico a fifteen year old boy was killed by a car trying to do his own puss trick (http//www.channelonenew Though Jackass is still a threat to our youth, I think there is still a large problem. Due to the rising popularity of video game systems, television has become nearly obsolete to our youth. But they still have to hook their Playstation or XBOX to a TV. In turn, they purchase games they saw advertised on a commercial.

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