Monday, March 18, 2019

The Joy Luck Club Essay -- Papers Amy Tan Essays

The Joy part Club1.From the film The Joy Luck Club, Chinese girls were supposed to enactment obedient and respectful to their parents and elders. This included the girls having to abide by each and either Chinese tradition that their parents instil lead in them. Girls were as well expected to be dim and considerate to their parents and elders. They were only supposed to speak when spoken to at every last(predicate) times. Acting out against anything their parents enconstrained upon them was completely unacceptable. 2.Much like to their parents and elders, Chinese girls were supposed to be quiet and obedient to their husbands and mothers-in-law. Girls were supposed to respect, and not openly question the decisions that were made in the household. These women were taught to always ask what the husband wants and to trim their own wants and needs. Chinese wives were there brinyly to provide the mother-in-law with grandsons.3.Chinese victims of bollocks up were treated wit h complete disrespect and disbelief. As with the one mother in The Joy Luck Club, she was kicked away by her own family for making such(prenominal) a claim. These rape victims were seen as disrespectful to their families and themselves. One social upshot of claiming rape is that their families shun the women and force them to leave their homes. Secondly, the community shuns them as well. As with the woman in the film, she was denied work and abandoned by her neighbors. She was eventually forced to marry her assailant in order to save her child. 4.One of the main psychological consequences of having the system of many wives and concubines is that not only the husband, but also wives have complete power over each other as in a hierarchical system. As in the film, the secon... ... did not open her these things, Lindo is being very cautious, often critical, of her daughter and the choices that she has. 10.The daughters in this film struggled with traditionalistic sex roles mainly due to the influence of their mothers. In many cases, the mothers essay desperately hard to encourage their daughters to have power over their lives, be successful, and have a strong self-esteem. This over-encouragement to lead a life that they could not, led many of the daughters to feel inferior because they could not live up to their mothers expectations. In some cases, this led to the daughters getting involved in relationships in which they relied on their husbands for power and support. So in essence, it was their mothers extremely high hopes for their daughters that led them to spot inferior as women when these hopes could not be fulfilled.

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