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Was Christianity the key to the downfall of the Vikings :: Essays Papers

Was Christianity the key to the downfall of the VikingsWhen I look of the words that describes Vikings I would think of barbaric, having no mercy, and great explorers. Words that describe a Christian to me argon trustworthy, consid termte, helpful, and peaceful. The descriptions of words I described for Viking and Christians have basically opposite meanings. So as Christianity was implemented on the Vikings they became more civilized. The process of conversion of Christianity happened slowly. (? loudness has two authors for the book and then two different authors for this story?)(Roesdahl and Wilson 187). The intensiveness of the Viking was having no fear of death also no right or wrong with the way death was committed. The Bible was began to be followed at the culmination of the Viking era.(The total structure of this sentence is messed up.) I wonder how much Christianity stirred the downfall of the Vikings, below I did some research on the topic. The Viking era existed from 8 00 BC to 1200 BC (From Viking to Crusader). (This is supposed to be cited with the author denomination and page in brackets.) The Vikings have three main devotions throughout in that location period of existence. Each of the religions affected the character of the Vikings in a bear-sized way. Polytheism was the precept the Vikings had in the beginning of there existence. Paganism and Christianity came towards the end of the Viking era. Christianity arrived during the tenth and 11th BC (The Viking to Crusader). Polytheism was the most heavily practiced religion the Vikings had. The main god of the Vikings was Odin who was the god of war wisdom and poetry (Viking frenzy). There isnt much documentation from history about Odin and former(a) gods of the Vikings. Odin was mirrored by the Vikings to be a great warrior, and be poets. Vikings matte up it was an honor to die in battle because Odin would be grateful (Viking irritation). Paganism was another religion of the Vikings. Th rough the writing on rune Stones Viking women appeared to have followed paganism before the Viking men did.(The Viking woman are legal opinion to have mixed views on Nordic Paganism since they were looked down upon tally to some researcher other researchers said that Viking men followed paganism first. Since the belief of who followed paganism in the Viking culture first, men or woman is exceedingly debatable among researchers I left this out.

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