Saturday, April 27, 2019

HR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

HR - Essay archetypeHR has immense value for a business. In fact, nonhing in a business is as important as HR. The development, profitability, and success of a business fundamentally relies upon the ideas, concepts, and strategic management of the people tang take in it. Poor management of one individual can ruin a business outlay billions of dollars. Likewise, good leadership can make the business grow by leaps and bounds, and take it to the next level with every passing day. HR is the most valuable asset for any business.I declare been having private experience with the HR function of a business since I have been employed. I could experience the HR function right from my very first day at job. As I reached the office, I was led by the HR animal trainer to my room. The HR Manager made sure I was provided with a telephone, computer, and an meshwork connection in my office. The HR Manager made me aware of my job responsibilities, and my daily, weekly, and monthly objectives. S ince the HR Manager was helping me understand things and be facilitated in all ways, he was managing me.My experience with the HR function of my caller-out has so far been both positive and negative at different points in time. For example, in the start, I was led by the HR Manager who explained me everything, and provided me with all the necessities for accommodation, which was surely a good experience. However, I was not paid until the third month of my service. In addition, I was not paid for the first fifteen geezerhood of my service since I had joined from the middle of month. This was a bad experience.In my judgment, the responsibility of HR forethought in a business depends upon the size of a business and the extent to which it is developed. Small businesses usually have a General Manager (GM) who also performs the duties of an HR Manager along with his/her duties as a GM. However, macroscopic businesses have separate Human Resources Departments, with a proper

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