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Millers dramatic presentation Essay Example for Free

Millers dramatic presentation EssayDiscuss Arthur Millers dramatic presentation of bloody shame Warren in The Crucible. Arthur Millers play The Crucible is establish on the events in a 17th Century town called capital of Oregon, where a young girl by the name of Abigail Williams cries witchcraft when she is almost charged for conjuring spells. Abigail and her friends were caught dancing on night around a fire by their town priest and Abigails uncle Reverend Parris. After that day strange things were believed to have happened, thus leading to a lot of women being charged of witchcraft. This was quite unfortunate as back in 1692 the penalty of witchcraft was hanging.In Act one, bloody shame is presented as a naive, scared and a lonely, cardinal yr old girl. Whom evidently is bullied by her employer John follow and the other girls in the village, especially Abigail, as she is petrified at been called a witch by the other village people. bloody shame also comes across as being pathetic in the sense that she has no real friends and relies on a liar akin Abigail for trust. Miller in his own words, describes bloody shame Warren as a naive, lonely, subservient seventeen year old girl, who is treated with little respect by Abigail and the other girls. Oh, youre a great one for lookin, arent you Mary Warren? What a grand peeping courage you have It is possible that the other girls are in accompaniment terrified of her, k without delaying that she is weak and can easily slip up under pressure, reviling their doings in the forest that night. When she meets John Proctor, a strong willed character who is not afraid to speak his mind, Mary expectedly is very frightened of him as he regularly threatens her and occasionally refers to giving her a whipping Ill face you a great doin on your arse one of these days. Now get home my wife is waitin with your dissemble Mary very quickly jumps to the sound of his voice and as Miller describes in a represent direction, t rying to retain a shred of dignity, she goes slowly out. This highlights the control some like Proctor has on someone like Mary. In Act cardinal, the audience learns a great deal about the events contingency in Salem through Mary, hence she being made an official of the romance. This in a room speaks on its own, how totally out of hand the situation in Salem has become with someone of Mary stature being made an official of the cost and the share pace of everything in just ogdoad days.Mary later informs us on the amount accused, No sir. There be thirty-nine now This being thirty-nine women, thirty-nine charges and trials of those being accused of witchcraft, in just eight days from when Abigail fist accused Tituba of witchcraft Through Mary, the audience is made aware of the influence Abigail has on the solicit and the Salem community and reveals how Elizabeth was accused with sending her spirit out against Abigail. This was due to Abigail dislike of Elizabeth and desire to g et liberate of her so she could have John Proctor all to herself.Hence Mary immediately connects herself to the condemning of Abigails guardianship and saving of Elizabeths life. I saved her life today Miller ensures that the audience are aware of the giddiness of the situation in Salem, due to the court appointing a servant girl like Mary as an official. Unlike Proctor, she doesnt speak out of her place and listens and does everything she is told to by such people like Parris or Danforth which could beg off why the court were keen to appoint some like her as an official.Although we also notice a change in Mary Warrens character from being a good, obedient servant to a middling ruthless more and self confident young woman. Ill not stand whipping anymore This is directed at Proctor as he tries to order Mary around, but fails. Furthermore, on her rescue from court, Mary unknowingly condemns Elizabeth by giving her a poppet with a needle placed in it as a gift she had earlier on that day in court. We later discover that this proves to be very unfortunate on Elizabeths behalf as she is later charged for sending her spirit out against Abigail and peachy her.After Elizabeth is taken away, Proctor realises that in order to save his wife, he needs Mary to deliver him in court as a witness against Abigail and the other girls. To prove all their outbursts in court of being attacked by spirits were false and just an act. At the end of Act two Mary is clearly frightened by Elizabeths arrest, as she really beats to see Abigail true influence over the court and ends up being bullied to give evidence against her.In Act three when Mary arrives in court to accuse the girls of lying, she seems to refer to her previous characteristics in Act one of being very quite and frightened, as to what the other girls might do to her if she talks. I cannot, theyll turn on me This taken from the end of Act two and shows the hold of fear someone like Abigail still has on her. On of the most dramatic incidents in the play, is when all the other girls turn on Mary by saying they see her spirit and begin to repeat whatever she says Mary Abby, you mustnt Abby+ other girls Abby, you mustnt This eventually make Mary realise that she will be accused of witchcraft if she continues to oppose Abigail and evidently Mary turns against Proctor and accuses him of making her defy the court and go her to the devil. Thus Mary returns to her new found personality of being confidents and only thinking of herself. In conclusion, Mary Warrens character makes The Crucible tenser through Arthur Millers dramatic presentation of her.Presented through his description of her being and subservient in the begging of Act one, to her speaking and acting on, with more confidence in Act two. In addition, in Act three Mary is once again bullied by Abigail and Proctor to an extent that she breaks down into tear at one point and speaks out of proportion to save herself. Therefore once aga in she ends up being described in the manner of being terrified, pleading and almost collapsing, when she is finally pushed by Abigail and Proctor to designate between them. Thus she is once again a pathetic loner

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