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Tennyson wrote In Memoriam Essay Example for Free

Tennyson wrote In Memoriam EssayTennyson wrote In Memoriam for a dear lost friend of his. The rimes span the length of 17 years. When Tennyson writes of the mode of the soul, is most definitely referring to that metaphysical aspect of a persons spirit that thing which travels beyond death. Tennysons misgiving however, is that he cannot write ab push done the soul, as he says, For words, manage Nature, half weaken/And half conceal the Soul within. (Tennyson lines 3-4 poem V. ) In short, Tennyson writes of the loss of his friends soul. Tennysons fear becomes that he will not know his friend any longer in his mortal tune (perhaps Tennyson fears he will not recognize his friends soul should they meet again) much(prenominal) go for is shown in poem XII, Is this the end? Is this the end? (Tennyson line 16 XII). However, Tennyson forgoes his fears and finds a certainty as denotative in these lines, And I perceived no touch of change,/No hint of death in each(prenominal) h is frame,/But found him all in all the same,/I should not feel it to be strange. (Tennyson lines 17-20 poem XIV) thereby proving that his friend is not al unitedly lost to him, nor should Tennyson feel sorrow for one who is not lost. 2. Tennyson wrote Mariana as a character taken from Shakespeares Measure for Measure. In the poem Tennyson illustrates the womans time lag for her do itr the ambiance of the poem illustrates the womans vain waiting with word choices such as, corrode nails broken sheds and hinges that creak (Tennyson).Such elements of dilapidation reveal the psychology of the main characters actions consequently Tennyson uses environment as revelation to the persons psychological shufflingup. In Brownings My stretch forth Duchess the reviewer is exposed to a subjective reality in which the Duke reveals to the emissary that, he gave commands / Then all smiles halt together. (Browning). Thus, the reader is left to believe he killed her, or had the Duchess killed bec ause of her flirtatious (according to the Duke) wanderings.Brownings use of enjambement instead of the metered revelry of Tennysons poem stand as stark contrast to one another(prenominal) Tennysons work is pleasing to the ear, affecting the reader to follow the meter and its revelations of grief and love for the grieved small-arm Brownings enjambment give the reader a jilted session of reading make the reader disquieted and not all together comfortable in reading the poem, a proficiency that makes them wonder about the ease with which the Duke mentions that he murdered his wife.3. Edward Fitzgeralds Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is a work of hedonistic texture because of its many references to love or lust of earthly delights, as in the lines Here with a linger of Bread beneath the Bough,/A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse and Thou/Beside me singing in the Wilderness -/And Wilderness is Paradise enow (Fitzgerald Quatrain XI). Thus, in order to be human, to feel human, Omar must indulg e in earthly pleasures or else what is the point of eating bread? Drinking wine? Reading and singing?It is these components that make up the pleasures of humanity. In Fitzgeralds translation of the poem, wine is almost a character which comes up and is reference again and again, supporting the thesis of hedonism being the theme and design of the poem. The poet uses this device to escape the more seedy details of living such as punishment and pain as well as loathsome wind, fire, and water (Fitzgerald). 4. Matthew Arnolds poetry showed a heaviness of query Doubt of self, dubiousness of love, doubt of perfection and the ever-after.In To MargueriteContinued this doubt is plainly illustrated with lines such as, then a longing like despair (Arnold line 13) when speaking about the nightingales who sing sweetly, but their song becomes distorted in the poets ears as he feels as though their song is soured because the birds could remember a time when the continents were together instead of apart(p). This line represents a stance on lovers how lovers are once together but separated and thus the longing of the past is bred into the poem through the songs of the birds.Also, as much beauty as Arnold places on the importance of the ocean, he overshadows this sentiment by making the ocean a divider with the line, Now more or less us spreads the watery plain (Arnold line 17). And of love, Arnold gives no reverence but merely paints love out to be intermittent moments in a bleak world as in the poem The conceal Life he states, Alas is even love too weak (Arnold line 12). This bleakness spreads into Arnolds poem Dover Beach in which the sea again plays a vital part in expressing Arnolds joyless life through the metaphor of a melancholy ocean.5. One theme that runs through Arnolds poems is that of doubt, concurrent with this theme is the image of an ocean. This ocean or estranging sea (Arnold line 24) as is described in To MargueriteContinued is also read in his poem Th e Buried Life. He uses the ocean as a metaphor of a juggernaut of loneliness and separateness in which his doubt resides. The ocean is used to illustrate how he is alone from humanity as well as love in these two poems and how it is this unnamable force, this feeling as big as an ocean which makes his life miserable.Although he uses poetic metaphors, Arnolds poems do not illustrate anything of the joyful hedonism of Edward Fitzgeralds Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. One may postulate that such lack of hedonism is puritanical in comparison to Tennysons love illustrated in his In Memoriam however the reader may conjecture that perhaps Arnold had been loved or had loved at one point in his life because the suffering of his soul is in each poem he writes. Arnolds theme is doubt and loneliness and in this doubt arises the question the reader must ask themselves, Is love worth such misery? For Arnold, perhaps it wasnt.

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