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What causes wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

What causes warfares - Essay ExampleSecond reason for failure to bargain is that resources that parties can conduct over through a war have higher benefits than the benefits that may be obtained from pee-peeing an placement (Schultz, 2001, p.55). Thirdly, there may be a difference between the benefits that the leaders foresee and the benefits that the population foresees. Fourthly, selective reading about the advantages and disadvantages of having a war are unclear to both the parties and, lastly, agreement cannot be practiced because opposite parties involved are against all agreements. A war may end up lasting eight-day if both the sides fail to reach an agreement or if the sides keep realizing that the cost of war is lower than its benefit. objet dart on the other hand, if a war starts as there is little or unclear information of the strength of the parties, and as the war continues and information becomes clearer, the possibility of reaching an agreement becomes higher an d the chances of the war shutdown soon even increases.Reasons that lead to failure to bargain between two parties are considered as logical reasons for war, but in general there are various irrational causes of war (Levy, 2010, p.67). These causes have certain amount of rationality as these causes are related to bargaining failures. Religion has been a cause of war for several years, two countries or states having different religious believes fight against each other on the bag of war (Salter, 1932, p.21). In this cause of war, it is thought that there is no material involvement, while the idea empennage this cause of war may be to eradicate the existence of the population of one religion or increasing the population of one of the religious party at war. In this cause of war, parties fail to reach an agreement as they believe that they are being directed to fight this war by a higher authority. Leaders in this kind of war fail to reach an agreement as

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