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Dorthy Orem Self Decfict Nursing Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Dorthy Orem Self Decfict Nursing guess - Essay ExampleAs such, the nursing profession is meant to intervene by simply facilitating egotism economic aid where necessary through education or patroniseive means to help subjects learn about self c atomic number 18. The possible action emphasizes the essence of the patients or groups participation in facilitating their care. It facilitates healthcare provision through education, direct action, guidance, support and provision of the appropriate environs for engaging in self care. In spite of the proven capability of the guess in aspects such as addressing the root cause of health problems, the theory faces challenges that arise from non-compliance to educational values delivered due to complacency and negligence. This review of the theory not only reviews the overall aspects of the theory, but withal the probable application, efficiency, challenges and improvements necessary. Introduction Nursing theories are derivatives of concep tual frameworks with principles and doctrines that define the underlying basis of nursing practice. impertinent the name suggests, they are not purely opinionated and theoretical, but rather supported by veridical knowledge that has proven their applicability through time. The theoretical aspect originates from the fact that they were theoretically theorize, but in actual sense they have been proven as being effective through their application as functional elements of nursing practice. The concepts of nursing theories define and characterize the nursing practice. In a nutshell, nursing denotes a human interaction developed to foster health by working within the boundaries of the patient and his environment (Dennis, 2008). According to Orem, the practice is both therapeutic and supportive. The supportive aspect is meant to enhance wholeness in the pillow slip of a patients experience of failing health by facilitating care that the patient cannot fall upon through personal effor ts. There are numerous theories that support and define the practice of nursing, but this root particularly highlights Dorothea Orems Self-Care shortage Nursing Theory, which is a middle range theory that makes up the troika theories under her grand theory. Dorothea Orems grand theory was developed during her working experience which included do as a nurse practitioner, educator, administrator and consultant. It is during her engagement with the development of the education field of nursing that she formulated the theory as part of her dissertation works at the masters level (, 2012). Orems Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory The self-care deficit theory is mainly based on the principle of encouraging patients to be independent in the facilitation of their own care. It is the central focal point in Orems grand theory. The theory defines when nursing intervention is deemed necessary (Dennis, 2008). It also describes how patients and groups of people in need of heal thcare can bring about helped by nursing interventions. The application of the theory often comes to play when the involved subject/s are ineffectual to facilitate self-care. The inability to administer personal care when in need of healthcare is what gives the theory the deficit denotation. As such, the theory is used in identifying cases with deficit of care, where the subjects in question are unable to sufficiently undertake steps that guarantee them good health. According to the theory, nursing serves

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