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Schizophrenia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Schizophrenia - Es consecrate ExampleHallucinations, which are caused by disturbances of sensory perceptionThe graduation exercise signs of schizophrenia often, get along as confusing, or even and/or delusions, which are false yet strongly held personal beliefs that result from an inability to separate real from unreal experiences. Less obvious symptoms, such(prenominal) as social isolation or withdrawal, or unusual speech, thinking, or behavior, may precede, be seen along with, or follow the psychotic symptoms.There are a lot of myths or so this kind of disorder. Some say that their body is being housed with evil spirits some say that they are usually dangerous and should non be getting close with. Actually people with this disorder are more likely to be victims and non the criminals. They are usually misjudged and misunderstood.Approximately there is 1 percent of the population will pay back schizophrenia during their lifetime. About 2 million of the Ameri asss are sufferin g from this kind of disorder in any year. There is an equal frequency effects of this disorder to men and women but the mens symptoms for this disorder appear much early compared to the women (Michigirl, 2005).A news story from Crime and Justice (1998) reported about a case of a boy named Klarquist, who committed crime of 13 offenses. He had a history about this kind of disease was brought to the hospital while young because he clawed his own eye out. He was brought to be treated by psychiatric tests but was being out and lived normally after that incidence. and as he was in his adolescence he clawed his other eye again which made him formally blind. They were able to find a remedy to restore the eyesight of his other eye and therefore can lock away see. In October 1997, the devastating effects of that illness became occur to Klarquists family. Driving his car north in the southbound lanes of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Klarquist plowed into five other cars waiting at the stoplight on East Burnside Street. He went across the intersection aiming his car at the people there, said rump Colby, the deputy district attorney assigned to the case. Although no one was very seriously injured, Colbys theory was that Klarquist was toilsome to commit suicide. Klarquist was charged with 13 offenses, including second-degree assault, a crime that carries a mandatory minimum disapprobation of more or less six years in prison. Klarquist pleaded guilty but he used the insanity defense, agreeing to serve 10-year sentence under the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board. With this case, Klarquist should be treated to a hospital for such disorder but he was not given a chance. The hospital did not accept Klarquist because his base works was not properly filled out. While he was waiting for the case and mess to clear out he took out his eyes. It was clear that he was not really given a unclouded treatment. Thought his papers were not filed out properly with his prior treatment about his disorder, he should still be accepted by the hospital. The hospital who did accept him during his treatment after his trial should be sued. The morals has gone away by neglecting any patient that has to be treated. It is their duty to help those people and should not just rely on the processing of his papers.With this case, it is very clear that the society is really misunderstanding this kind of people. They dont know about the disorder so they judge too quickly.

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