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Amenorrhea in Adolescent Girls Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Amenorrhea in Adolescent Girls - Assignment ExampleOnce their menstruation starts, legion(predicate) go for the contraceptives to prevent teenage pregnancies. Even though some use the condoms and pills, there are those that go for long term contraceptives such as intrauterine devices or implants which affect the menstrual flow. The implants for example have hormones that interfere with the body hormones causing the menstrual flow to cease or complete become hit (Hayon, et al. 2013).Adolescents in a bid to find their niche have body image issues and majority are even diagnosed with anorexia nervosa for lack of eating enough as tumesce as vomiting after eating to remain skinny. With increased lack of food in the body, the menstrual flow starts thinning and may go to the extent of completely stopping (Faust, et al. 2013).The intense exercises some of these teenagers engage in as extracurricular activities in school interfere with the body weight hint to the menses ceasing. This is so because there is suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis (Gordon, 2010). The stress of the exercises also contributes to the lack of menstrual flow.Identification of the cause of amenorrhea in this adolescent gathering is easier than trying to discuss it with the patient and ruleting them to undergo therapy to correct the problem. The first thing in this process is to create a rapport with the adolescent by making them see you understand their problem and what they are going through (Gordon, 2010). This can be obtained even through provision of acceptable personal stories from adolescent years. This will create a level of trust and open up the female for discussion about correcting the problem.The other key to discuss with the patient is to get a young female doctor whom they are likely to adore and listen to and whom they admire. The sessions should be discussion letting the adolescent engage as well and making the solutions seem to come from them rather than th e

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