Friday, June 14, 2019

Designing a Twin tip kiteboard Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Designing a Twin bakshish kiteboard - Research Paper workoutth determines the surface area the kite is edging water against and how much power a kiteboard can generates, thus a centimetre of width is to a greater extent significant than a centimetre of length. Narrow tip and centre boards with longer lengths are easier from edge to edge, though not quick to plane, unlike shorter and wider boards (Boyce, 2004). Generally, Twin tip kiteboard with dimensions 145cm length, 41cm width are for bigger riders.Top sheet Is made from PBT which is a thin piece of plastic with two specific functions. The first function is to give a place to print or graphics and the second function is to provide a safety-related layer for the laminates.Laminates The inner laminates are a combine of fibre glass and carbon, though there are other kinds of laminations that are used. Fibre glass is measured in both in the direction of the cuckold and in the weight of the fabric. The most common weaves are tria xial glass, biaxial glass and unidirectional glass. Triaxial glass provides a stiffer flex, biaxial glass is more flexible spell the unidirectional glass is used in combination with either triaxial glass or biaxial glass to get specific flat panels. Carbon provides cruelness and is of light weight with more reflex properties than fibre glass.Cores Are usually made of wood and some are made of dense closed carrel foam. The most common figure of wood used are Paulownia, Birch, Poplar due to their longetivity, weight, price and their speed of regeneration (Boyce, 2004).The rails They are typically acrylonitrile, butadiene, phenylethylene (ABS) or urethane which are used for their good flexibility, shaping and strength characteristics. ABS not only offers a great surface for ageing, but also a protective layer for the kiteboard.The sides are planed to remove the rough marks made by the saw. The planks are then clamped and glued for about 24 hours for them to fit into each other. Th e type of glue used is marine grade glue or a plumbers glue. This is also used in

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