Monday, June 17, 2019

Destiny After Brokenness Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Destiny After Brokenness - Term Paper ExampleThis whitethorn lead him to break away from his own reality hence, his brokenness. It is hoped that any(prenominal) conclusions that may be made by the writer at the end may confer to the enrichment of the body of knowledge currently proliferating on the subject.It would be useful for easy understanding to check out what could be the different connotations that have been attached to the backchat destiny. Indeed, there are many, given the depths that this word has assumed. Simmons (1) defines destiny as that place to which a person is meant to be.The American Heritage Dictionary is more explicit a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power and control. In this sense, it gives an understanding of destiny as something that pertains to an ending that has been present from the beginning and which cannot be changed by any means.This belief is maintained by the scientific advocates of evolution or even the atheist s who do not believe in a Supreme organism and who support the thesis that everything evolves. Although science has not proven the evolution of man and continues to figure out how the planetary system is kept in suspension, many soundless doubt the existence of a God (Lasiter).But any discussion of destiny can only be understood in a wider thought when seen from the point of view of evolution or the origin of things, as aptly put by Lasiter in his online programming discourse on Mans Ultimate Destiny. Lasiter looks at evolution as the determinant of the end-point of things, which idea presupposes that matter with no ability to make choices would follow the line that destiny is that which has been present from the beginning, whatever it is.This thinking, however, takes a wider deviation when destiny is analyzed in relation to human beings who have the ability to make choices because of their free will.

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