Sunday, June 9, 2019

Major Issues of Higher Education in Pakistan Literature review

Major Issues of Higher teaching in Pakistan - Literature review ExampleThis root decl ars that apart from the problematic cultureal policies one of the major issues in higher education is gender difference. There is significant inequality among male and female students. rough fields are purely dedicated to females on societal level, for instance, medical profession. Contrary to this engineering and technology departments are usually filled with male students. Education provides many benefits apart from the acquisition of social power and therefore there should not be gender differences. The mind development, critical thinking, management skills and administration are all linked with education. If females are discouraged to enroll in universities then it is hard to expect that Pakistan will progress on national level. This report makes a conclusion that equal opportunity and organizational structures are actually influenced by both the micro and macro social factors. Since women f ace gender discrimination at the university level therefore they are exposed to similar issues during their stay at organizations which certainly reflects the lower moral values taught at the higher education institutions. Although seek activities are increasing in Pakistan but overall there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of professionals who can actually take on quality research work. Furthermore, the private sector universities are found to be receptive to the real market demands while allowing youth to access better education facilities. However, these facilities are still inadequate as compared to the number of individuals pursuing higher education in the country

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