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Technology in the Mathematics Classroom Essay -- Math Mathematics Tech

applied science in the Mathematics ClassroomIn todays society, engine room is progress at such arate that on can hardly stay ahead. Technology surroundsevery person in civilization. To not use the engine roomthat is readily available would be absurd. The same ideaapplies to technology in the classroom. Calculators, inparticular, are becoming more readily available in theclassroom, exactly technology should not stop there. manyinspiring computers programs, such as Geometers Sketchpad,Math Success, Fathom, Maple, and Minitab greatly enhancethe mathematical teaching and eruditeness that can take placein a classroom. With these types of programs, teachers cancover required more in-depth, and addition material moreclosely related to the students lives. In agreement withBert K. Waits of Ohio State University, I believetechnology, specifically calculators, in conjunctionwith mental, paper-and-pencil, and estimation skills whenappropriate, comprise the tools to help students workthroug h the computations and manipulations necessary forsolving problems (p. 8). Many people are skeptical about 2using quality technology in the classroom because theybelieve it decreases the students ability to be intimatemathematics problems without the technology. In myopinion, in agreement with the National Council of Teachersof Mathematics (NCTM) Principles and Standards for SchoolMathematics, technology is essential in teaching andlearning mathematics (p. 24). Even though many people areapprehensive about using technology in the classroom, Ifeel confident that students can and will use the providedtechnology wisely and greatly appreciate the ideas andconcepts that can be discovered by using technol... ...lassroom, I want all of my students to haveaccess to a take hold calculator and a computer withmathematical software. I plan to encourage my futurestudents to embrace technology and all of its advances. 7Works CitedHandheld Graphing Technology at the Secondary LevelResearch Find ings and Implications for ClassroomPractice 25 August 2003.gsecondary2.html.National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Principlesand Standards for School Mathematics. Reston TheNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.,2000.Recommendations for Technology in Teacher readinessMAA. 24 August 2003.m.Waits, Bert. The Role of Calculators in Math Education.25 August 2003..html.

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