Thursday, June 20, 2019

Why is Leadership an important but controversial area of Essay

Why is Leadership an important but controversial area of Organisational Behaviour - Essay showcaseThe present research has identified that leadership for the purpose of this paper refers to the managerial process in which the manager of an organization guides, supports, motivates subordinates so the latter can follow by means of their duties accordingly to the plan and goal of the organization. In short, it refers to the process of accomplishing organizational goals through others. The researcher states that organization behavior, on the other hand, is about studying the impact of individuals including leaders, groups, and structures on how people behave within organizations. Its roles include promoting organizational performance, organizational development and also the satisfaction and performance of people in the organization. This paper then asserts that leadership is important to promoting organizational effectiveness or organization performance because of the important funct ions that a leader would do to attain goals and objectives. It is the leader that defines that tasks and how to do the same through other people in organizations. In doing the same, he would most probably need followers or group of individuals who would have to work with the said leader. It is mop up that the leadership must be very if tasks need to be done by people, who would have to influenced, directed and motivated to action. Without a leader who calls the shots, it is hard to deliberate a group moving towards a direction.

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